Whether you define community by locality, shared vision, or common purpose, ProFuse Solutions provides diverse solutions to support the growth and development of healthy and vibrant communities.

 Every day, in communities across the country, organizations like yours make the places where people live, learn, work, and play healthier, happier, and more accessible. These organizations are trusted places that connect members of the community to essential programs, services, and spaces that advance equity, improve outcomes and enhance the quality of life.

ProFuse Solutions wants to help broaden your impact.

ProFuse Solutions provides collaborative, innovative support to help individuals and organizations leverage local, state, and national resources to achieve their full potential and create thriving, vibrant communities. 

Sustainability and Strategic Planning

ProFuse Solutions can assist in building strong, innovative and comprehensive sustainability and strategic plans to help your organization reach its fullest potential. These plans will help guide your organization as it engages in new and existing opportunities.

Program and Services Evaluation

Evaluating  success is an important part of  planning for the future.  Every organization wants to be sure their investment is making the impact they want. Profuse Solutions can help develop and execute comprehensive evaluation plans.

Fundraising Planning

Many organizations need help finding and securing resources to achieve their mission.  ProFuse Solutions can help leverage local, state, and national resources to reach your organizational goals.

Workshop and Team Facilitation

Developing a strong team requires equipping its members with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to succeed.  ProFuse Solutions can facilitate workshops to  help organizations collaborate more effectively, make progress quickly, and develop  innovative and effective solutions.


Let us partner with you!

ProFuse Solutions wants to help every community achieve its greatest potential. We believe in you and want to support your work.
If you would like to learn more about our solutions or discuss a partnership with you and your organization, please contact us.

If you are interested in several solutions, ask us about our retainer options.